Higher Education Day on the Hill

Today students from the six Regents institutions met under the Dome to advocate on behalf of higher education in Kansas. Among these students were 37 very bright and capable representatives from PSU who made the bus trek from Pittsburg to Topeka.

The focus of student advocacy today was on the significant economic return on investment of higher education. Among the economic data students shared with legislators was that for every $1 of tax payer money the KBOR system produced $11.94 in economic return. Additionally, students emphasized the role of higher education in the Kansas economy, particularly the essential role of higher education in development of a trained and ready workforce.

In addition to the economic argument for continued investment in education, students also focused on two issues of particular legislative concern – continued access to instate tuition for qualified undocumented students and the universal opposition of Regents student government associations, campus chiefs of police and faculty to allowing concealed carry on campus.

Spending the day on the Hill provides an exceptional learning opportunity for our students. Additionally, there is no better advocacy for PSU than interaction with our fine students.


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