Pittsburg State makes case for Kansas’ first Career Technical Education Development Program

At a glance …

  • Career & Technical Education Teacher Development & Innovation Center at Pittsburg State
  • CTE-TDI will train next generation of technical education teachers
  • CTE-TDI will allow state to take full advantage of its $20 million investment in Career & Technical Education Act
  • Pitt State’s CTE-TDI will improve state’s workforce & help bolster Kansas’ economy


Governor Brownback and the 2013 legislature passed a $20 million state program known as the Career and Technology Act to help students pay for technical training and become “career ready” graduates. This program is already encouraging students to return to the classroom and laboratory to learn new skills that will allow them to earn higher wages and rebuild the state’s economy.

The question is … who will teach them?

This type of instructor must possess the teaching skills of an experienced faculty member and the technical skills of an industry professional.

It can be difficult and expensive to try to recruit these instructors to our state and the competition for these individuals is fierce.

Thankfully, Pittsburg State University is in the unique position of having qualified faculty, state-of-the-art equipment, and a world-class facility to train the next generation of career and technical education instructors.

Pittsburg State is proposing the creation of a Career & Technical Education Teacher Development & Innovation Center (CTE-TDI) within the Kansas Technology Center. This will be a one-stop training facility for instructors throughout the state and help ensure that students are able to take full advantage of last year’s Career and Technology Act.

We see this as a natural extension of last year’s technical education effort by lawmakers and are making this one of our top priorities for this session. We invite you to learn more this initiative here (link to pdf) and speak to your local lawmaker about the positive difference Pittsburg State in the state’s level of technical education.

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