Critical Action Alert –  KS Higher Education at Risk: Contact Lawmakers & Demand they #FundtheBudget

This afternoon, during a rare joint caucus of the Kansas House and Senate, Governor Sam Brownback warned he may have to veto all public funding of state universities if legislators are unable to agree by Monday upon a tax proposal to fund the FY16 budget.

This end result would be a loss of nearly $36 million for Pittsburg State University and $400 million dollars for higher education. 

“The governor’s announcement this afternoon of a possible veto of all public higher education funding puts the state of Kansas in an unprecedented situation,” said Andy Tompkins, President and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents. “To completely defund higher education will have a devastating and long-lasting effect on students, families, businesses, and the entire economy of the State of Kansas.”

Call to Action: We are at a critical moment in our state’s history. State law mandates a funded budget. If our elected officials are unable to come to an agreement Pittsburg State will suffer devastating cuts. The momentum we have generated, together, is at risk. We need your help to ensure GorillaNation remains strong. Contact your elected officials. Tell them it is time to Fund the Budget.

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